The technology is supposed to be an aid to save resources in the best and most efficient way. Avista Time delivers the most modern mobile IT-system for the service sector via a mobile cloud service.

Avista 5 is built for both small and big organizations and manages both internal and external users in the system.

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The words defining our work: Simplicity – Flexibility – Performance

Simplicity, flexibility and performance are given components needed to tackle today’s demands in the service industry. With today’s constant changes it’s important to be able to adapt to whatever demands and needs the delivery process requires. It has to be simple to quickly realize a change and flexible to quickly adapt the system after the organization’s needs. Operation dependability and performance are important for any business up and running 7/24/365.


  • Simple and comprehensible interface
  • Adapt functions and text in the system based on your needs
  • Industry specific reports and the possibility to save your own “favorites”


  • Create organizations, roles, functions, views and reports based on your own needs
  • Unique authorization model
  • Notification templates


  • The mobile application works both in online and offline mode
  • Stable and dependable performance