Workshift follow-up

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Go to Users → Workshift follow-up.

Select time period

You have several relative time periods to choose from

Customized will allow you to choose specific start and end dates via a calendar function.


Click Download symbol.

This will allow you to view a list of planned and performed workshifts, like the one above. The performed workshifts can be according to a schedule or outside of schedule.

Confirm workshift

Select a row there status is Ended for workshift and click on  Confirm to attest the workshift. Accept or change settings in form.

Edit workshift

Select a row with status Ongoing or Ended or workshift and click on Edit workshift to add or change the times of the shift. Change settings in form.

Add workshift

Select a row with status Planned for workshift and click Add workshift to confirm the planned workshift. Accept or change default settings in form.

Status will change to Ended.

Filter data

Now you can filter the data to show what is relevant to you.
Filter on

  • weekdays
  • status Planned, Ongoing or Ended
  • staff member who or which staff members you want to view
  • organization unit (can be selected when searching)
  • planned start planned start time
  • planned end planned end time
  • source Basic resource plan, Daily planning or Work hour schedule
  • schedule name schedule including schedule row


You can save the sourced data as an Excel file (.xlsx). Click Export in the menu.
Choose name and where on your computer to save it.

Save as shortcut

You can save chosen filters as a shortcut in the panel.
This will make it possible to create a shortcut for, say, work hours for a specific organization unit from previous month. This information will then be reachable from the panel, always showing previous month’s workshifts for a specific unit, whatever current month.

Click Save report in the lower left corner.

Choose a name for the shortcut and if it to be Private or Shared. Private shortcuts are only available to the creator, while Shared ones are available to everyone in the same or any superior organization unit.

My page

You will be able to reach your shortcut from the My page in the top menu.