Unplanned contract

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An unplanned contract is a task performed for customers who have registered contracts with an activity of an activity type that are not linked to a specific time, and thus not scheduled. An example is security alarms – a task that is only to be performed if and when needed.

Activities need to be linked to the administrator’s role to be able to be linked to an activity type.
For the staff member to be able to perform a task, the activity needs to be of the same activity type as the contract, and the activity needs to be linked rto the role of the staff member.

Start feature

Start the feature by clicking the option Unplanned contract in the menu.

The eligible customers, i.e. customers with contracts of an activity type of the right sort, will be viewed in a list.
To select a customer you can either scan their NFC tag with your phone, or select it manually.

By clicking a customer you will view the eligible contracts.
Perform the task and end the fearture to send a report.

End feature

End the feature by clicking the option Unplanned contract in the menu.

You will be aske to end it manually, and then be redirected to the input form for performed tasks to enter your information.
Specify your performed task.

Send the report by clicking Save.

N.B! If the customer has more than one registered Avistaplace the top one is assumed to be valid.