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This guide describes how to add and remove standardized comments to be used in reports.

Go to SettingsStandard text in the top menu.

If there is not any existing text the window that opens will look like this:

Add text

First you need to choose an Object. Currently Activity, Common activity and OQM Help tip are available as objects. Dependent on permission settings not all objects may be available.

Then type your message in the Message field.

Click Add and your message will appear in the list.

Delete text

Select the message you want to delete from the list and click Delete.

A pop-up window will ask you if you want to remove the messages and its connections.

Answer Yes or No.

Connections refer to events where the text will appear, for example in a customized quality method when the user can choose standard comments for some activities.

Exit feature

Exit feature by clicking the [x] symbol in the upper right corner.