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Go to Settings → Roles in the top menu.

A window will open, showing any existing roles.


Role (name) and Description are editable directly from the list view.

The table will also tell you how many services, activities and users are connected to each role.

If the role will be assigned to staff members, you should tick the checkbox in the column named Staff member.

If the role will be assigned as static notification receivers, you should tick the checkbox in the column named Notification receiver.

The roles can be assigned to staff members via their permissions. units, are assigned to staff members to decide what permissions they should have. See guide Users for details.

Add new role

Click New role in the menu to add a new role. Enter the information and click Save.

Delete role

Select the role you want to remove and click Delete role in the menu.

You will be asked to confirm the deletion, Accept deletion or Cancel deletion.

If you click accept deletion and you receive an error message telling you that you cannot delete the role, this is due to the role having assigned users and/or activities. If so, you need to remove them to be able to delete the role.

Assign services to role

Click on Services in the menu. A window will open, showing you a list of which services are linked to which roles. This allows you to easily view the difference between roles.

Which services are available depend on subscriber level permissions.

If there are many roles but you only want to view some specific ones, you can choose this by selecting and deselecting roles from the Columns button in the lower left corner.

Assign activities to role

Select a role by selecting it, then click Activities. Select which activities should be assigned to the role by ticking corresponding checkbox and then click Save.

You can also assign activities to roles via Settings → Activities. See the guide Activities for further details. (Additionally, activities can be linked to individual users. See the guide Users for further details.)

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