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My page contains shortcuts to different reports. The selection is based on search criterias and filtrations designated at the time of creation of the shortcut.

My page is based on a grid with 5×5 possible shortcuts, directly visible. If more shortcuts are added one can scroll through them with the scroller located to the right in the shortcut window.

The shortcuts on my page could for example look like this:

A report may relate to a selected time period, like current week or previous month etcetera. It can also relate to a specified time period, if this is chosen through Customized time period.

The symbol linked to the shortcuts shows if selected shortcut is a graph or a chart, respectively. Click on the shortcut to be redirected to the set of data it represents.

Create and edit shortcuts

At the bottom of the table of contents there are buttons to be used to add a report, and to view the list of existing report shortcuts. In the list of reports one can delete or edit existing report shortcuts.

In table reports:

In chart reports:

You can also save links to Pivot selections.

Save report

Save report with the search criteria and filtrations selected from the report view.

Name the shortcut and select if it is to be visible to only you or others as well. If it is to be visible to others, you can choose which organization units this will apply to.

Select the time period for the shortcut’s validation. The standard settings are set from current date, without an end date.

View report list

In the report list you can view existing shortcuts that you are authorized to change. Here you can delete, edit, and show selected reports.

From my page

By clicking the button Report list you can view existing shortcuts as a list. You find it in the lower left corner of your screen.

From a report

By clicking the button Report list from within a selected report view you will see the existing shortcuts for selected report view. The button is located in the lower left corner when its a chart and upper right corner when its a graph.