Import customer contacts

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Go to Customers -> All customers

Click on Import contacts

The button is available without having to first select a customer because it’s decided in file which customer a contact belongs to.

Select file

Select file to import

Click on Import

Assign column names by drag and drop them in the concatenating part of the form, on eow corresponding to corresponding object in the system.

The order and naming can be different in file compared to below example.

  • First name (of customer)
  • Last name (of customer)
  • Contact name
  • Email
  • Phone

Asteriisks (*) marks mandatory informatoion.

Click Next

Status before import

You will see a list with contacts ready to import.

Several errors can occur, as

  • Customer does not exist
  • Not enough data is given about contact to make import
  • If status is OK, no errors is found for that contact.

Click on Import, or correct errors and redo import.


NOTE! Imported contact assignments will replace existing assignments

Contacts will be created and assigned, or only assigned to customer, dependent on if they already exist or not.

Contacts will be registered as both Main contacts and Notificiation contacts