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Start feature

Touch on the option Event reporting in the menu. Event reporting is often used during the same time as an ongoing task, but can be performed individually.
The feature is primaraly used in situations when one cannot, or do not want to, end an ongoing service task. An event is reported for an incident of time, not for a period of time. It can also be used to manage keys, when one overtakes responsibility for keys with NFC tags.

Managing keys

If you use event reporting to manage keys you can now scan the key fobs to be taken over with your phone. You do this by touching the key fob with the back of your phone. When this is done you can either go back to the menu or proceed by choosing Avistaplace and event, if these are to be reported at the same time. See the guide Manage Keys for further information.


Select Avistaplace

The proposed Avistaplace, presented in the top, is the same as the one for the ongoing service task.
Choose Other if you want to choose another Avistaplace for the event.

You can start by scanning an NFC tag by touching it with your phone.

If you want to start by scanning a QR code you touch the symbol in the lower right corner of your screen, and direct your camera to the symbol you want to scan.

Report an event

After selecting your Avistaplace you will be redirected to a page where you can report events by checking them in a list. You are also able to take pictures, if wanted, by touching the camera symbol.
Events are a specific type of Activities created before hand to be used in this feature. Other type of activities cannot be used here.

Touch camera symbol to take a new picture or add an existing picture from gallery.


Touch Save to send the report.