Edit my task schedule

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Edit my task schedule

Open the feature by clicking Edit my task schedule in the menu.

Add schedule rows

In the window that opens you will be able to see what schedule rows you are already linked to. These are marked in the checkbox.
Add a schedule row by clicking the checkbox to the left. You will then gain access to the order tasks linked to that schedule row.


In the example above, you were assigned Schedule A1 from before and then Schedule B1 was made accessible to you by marking its checkbox. Under the schedule name you will see any users that are already assigned to it.

Click Save when you are done.

You now have access to the added order tasks via My work order tasks

In daily planning

In daily planning are your name added to the row you choosed to add to your work for this day.

Add order tasks

Click the [>] symbol in a schedule row to see what order tasks are linked to it.

Select individual orders by marking their corresponding checkbox manually, or choose Check all. Then click Move. Go to the schedule page by clicking the [<] symbol. Your chosen orders are now added to your existing schedule row.

Then click Save.

In daily planning

You now have access to the added order tasks via My work order tasks, in the menu. Any other tasks linked to the row remains on the original schedule row.

You can tell that an order originally belonged to another schedule row through the information in Daily planning in the web application.