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The typical user of this feature belongs to another organization unit than the one planned to perform the order.

Some conditions must be fullfilled 

  • The order creator needs to have registered contact information to be able to receive notifications
  • Notification messages for rejected or approved mobile orders need to be registered, so that notifications can be sent to the order creator after an order has been rejected or approved by planner.
  • Mobile schedule row for the organization unit to which the order creator belongs needs to be chosen. Go to Settings → Organization → and the column Mobile schedule row.

Start feature

Click on Create one-time order in the menu.

You can get an error message if schedule row for the organizartion unit the performer belongs to is not defined. Add it on web and try again.

Enter information

Enter the information from top to bottom.

Enter an order name.

Choose an Avistaplace from the dropdown menu.

Information about Customer is filled in automatically when choosing Avistaplace.

Choose Activities from the dropdown menu.

Enter a Work instruction for the staff member, and a comment for within company use if wanted.

Start time is set according to standard as to when work order is created.

Duration is set to 1 hour according to standard. Validity period is set to 1 week from current date.

End feature

Click Save to upload your order and to end the feature.

Managing orders in daily planning

  • When the planner moves an order from one schedule row to another it becomes Approved. An input form will open, where one can choose who should receive the notification as confirmation.
  • If the planner instead chooses to deactivate the order it becomes Rejected. An input form will open, where one can choose who should receive the notification as confirmation.
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