Import customer contacts

Introduction Go to Customers -> All customers Click on Import contacts The button is available without having to first select a customer because it’s decided in file which customer a contact belongs to. Select file Select file to import Click on Import Assign column names by drag and drop them in the concatenating part of the form, … Read more

My page

Introduction My page contains shortcuts to different reports. The selection is based on search criterias and filtrations designated at the time of creation of the shortcut. My page is based on a grid with 5×5 possible shortcuts, directly visible. If more shortcuts are added one can scroll through them with the scroller located to the … Read more


Introduction Go to User → All users in the top menu, to view a list of all of registered users/staff members. Select a user and click User absence Register Absence Specify absence reason The example above shows a list of absence reasons. These may differ between different subscribers, in naming and number. Using the calendar … Read more

Event follow-up

Introduction The function Event follow-up allow you to report individual events that occur in a situation when one cannot, or do not want to, end an ongoing task. Go to  Reports -> Event follow-up Specify time period. Choose between current or previous Day, Week, Month, Quarter or Customized. Events You can only report events that … Read more

Activity groups

Introduction Go to Settings → Activity groups in the top menu. A window will open, showing you any existing activity groups. This feature is most useful for Unplanned contracts, where only one group of activity will be reportable based on the activity group chosen for the contract Add activity group Click the button Add new group in the … Read more

Quick guide för imprting room directory

Import parameters and format First row: account name, customer name and Avistaplace Andra raden: name of hierarchy levels and room data Other rows: import data Import can be made from an Excel-file containing with data.on first tab (Import can also be made from a CSV-file, if the file’s character set is utf8 and the data … Read more

Quick guide for notifications

Summary Notifications are messages sent out as text messages or via e-mail triggered by an event. It could be after an event ocurred, such as a started task, as a reminder before a planned event or when a planned event did not occur. The notification feature is based on following parts: Create general message templates … Read more

Contact book

Introduction We have developed a contact book in Avista that makes it easy for our subscribers to arrange their contacts. In the contact book you will find all the information about your contacts. The contact book is all the time current as inactive contacts are automatically disabled. The contact book is accessed from the Contacts … Read more

Contact information

Introduction Contact information can be entered in several places; Users, Customers, Contracts and Organization and Avistaplaces . Contact information allows you to add one or more contacts, with different contact channels such as address, email and phone. If there is no contact in the list, do a search by typing in email, name or phone … Read more

Workshift follow-up

Introduction Go to Users → Workshift follow-up. Select time period You have several relative time periods to choose from Customized will allow you to choose specific start and end dates via a calendar function.   Click Download symbol. This will allow you to view a list of planned and performed workshifts, like the one above. … Read more

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