Incoming calls

Start the feature by touching Incoming calls in the menu You will then see a list of incoming call numbers. If the caller is in your phonebook, the name will be in addition to the number. It may also be a person whose number is known by Avista’s system without being registered on your phone. … Read more

Unplanned task

Start task Start unplanned task is accessible from the menu. If it is marked with a red square it means that there are no ongoing unplanned tasks, and you are able to start a new one. Click on Start unplanned task. Click Start unplanned task to launch the feature. Depending on your settings on your … Read more

Check in/out

Use feature Check in/out  Start the feature Check in/out in the menu, if this is not already done. Check in First you enter your User ID. The app will ask you if you are ready to log in. The user should answer Yes to log in. Answer Cancel if you have entered the wrong user ID. … Read more

Create one time order

Introduction The typical user of this feature belongs to another organization unit than the one planned to perform the order. Some conditions must be fullfilled  The order creator needs to have registered contact information to be able to receive notifications Notification messages for rejected or approved mobile orders need to be registered, so that notifications … Read more

Work shift

Start work shift The red square beside Work shift in the menu shows that the user is not registered to an ongoing work shift. Click on Work shift in the menu to start your work shift. The window that opens will show your name in the left column. You can start a work shift in … Read more


Start feature When you as a time terminal user has logged in with username and password you can see this menu. Click on menu item and you will see the Attendance view NOTE: If this function is the only one in your menu, or you use a kiosk portal, you should at startup be directed … Read more

Quality inspections

Quality method with inspection level Unit Choose a quality method with inspection level Unit, and a window looking something like the one below will open: Specify values according to agreed value scale, and add a comment for your inspection, if wanted. Standard texts The speech bubble with three dots, to the right side of the … Read more


Start feature Click on Statistics in the menu to launch the feature. Then click on Activities, which is currently your only option. The page that opens can look somewhat different, depending on your settings. Click the [≡] symbol in the lower left corner to open settings. Choose time period Specify time period from which you … Read more

Unplanned contract

Prerequisites An unplanned contract is a task performed for customers who have registered contracts with an activity of an activity type that are not linked to a specific time, and thus not scheduled. An example is security alarms – a task that is only to be performed if and when needed. Activities need to be … Read more

Manage keys

Introduction In the daily use of managing registered keys there are three main features; collecting a key, transfer a key to another staff member and returning a key. Collecting a key Launch the feature Event reporting in your mobile phone. Collect the key from the key box and scan the key fob with your phone. … Read more

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