Avistaplaces assigned to customer

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Go to Custromers→ All customers in menu. Select customer and click on Avistaplaces (Map symbol) button.

Avistaplaces can be of two kinds

  • Individual Avistaplats directly under customer: usually street addresses and reasons for order or service delivery. These are the avistaplaces  described in this guide.
  • Avistaplaces with hierarchical local register: with information on eg area, building, floor and individual premises. They are the basis for INSTA and Hygiene inspections. They are described in the Manage Local Register guide.

Add Avistaplace

Click on button + Avistaplace to add an individual Avistaplace.

On the first tab are general information as name, address, sensor technique etc

If street address and City are filled in, geographical coordinates can be calculated automatically. NFC or QR code can be linked to Avistaplace through the Sensor Technique. Scroll down for more fields to fill in.

An Avistaplace can be assigned to aniother organization than the customer if needed, and also put in context in a hierarchy.

On the second tab, location-specific information can be specified. it’s used for quality inspections. More detailed description of different fields can be found in guides about INSTA & Hygiene.

On third tab can activities assigned to the place be specified. These assignment over rules activities assigned to performers’ roles.

Edit Avistaplace assigned to customer

Mark the avistaplace you are interested in, and edit fields on the selected row directly.

Address details, etc.
Avistaplace name, Address, Postcode, Postcode, Portcode, Key Number, and Description can be changed directly by clicking in the field and entering a new value.
NOTE! Keep in mind that changes to the address also affect already made registrations of visits. Should the customer have a brand new address, then it’s better to add a new Avistaplace and disable the old one.
Geographic coordinates (Longitude and Latitude) change automatically if you change street address and City.

Managing sensors

Select Avistaplace and click on Managing sensors in menu.

If there is already an NFC sensor attached to the Avistaplace, you’ll see this. You’ll also see if it’s a regular sensor or if it’s associated with a keypad by saying No or Yes in the Keypad column.

Add label
Select NFC as technology and enter the label ID number, then click Save to add to list.


Change status
Select the row of the sensor to change the status of. It may be a regular location label or refer to a keypad.
Change under Keypad to Yes or No., and add Key number in Key No field.

Delete label

Select the row of the sensor to delete. It may be a regular location label or refer to a keypad. Click on Delete (Trash can) button.


Delete Avistaplace

Select the Avistaplace you want to delete and click the Delete button to remove it.
If it has never been used in reports, it can be removed. Otherwise, it can only be disabled by setting an End Date.