Avista messages

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Go to Settings → Avista messages to access this feature. f

A window will open, looking something like this:

Choose recipient

You can choose to send your message to all users, or to a specific one.

Choose destination

Choose if the message should be viewed in the web version, in your mobile app or both.

Choose start and end date

Specify the time period for which the message should be visible for selected recipients.

Specify message

Write a new message or copy an already existing one.

  • Enter your message in the message field
  • Or double click on an existing message in the list to the right. The message will be copied to the message field to your left, where you can edit it if wanted.

Send message

Click on the button Send.

You will receive a confirmation specifying if your message has been sent or not.

Received messages

The message recipient will receive the message the next time they log into the service.

The recipient can then choose to not view the message again, by ticking the checkbox in the bottom right corner.