Activity groups

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Go to Settings → Activity groups in the top menu.

A window will open, showing you any existing activity groups.

This feature is most useful for Unplanned contracts, where only one group of activity will be reportable based on the activity group chosen for the contract

Add activity group

Click the button Add new group in the menu.

Enter activity group ID and Name. Click Save.

Assign activity groups

Click Assign activities in the menu.

You can only choose the activities that are linked to your assigned role.

To make the activities available to the staff members you need to link the activities to the role(s) of the staff members.

Select the activities that are to be included and then click Select.

Delete activity group

Select the activity group you want to delete and click Delete activity group in the menu.

If this is not possible, due to assigned activities, you will receive an error message.

Remove any assigned activities by selecting the activity group and click Assign activities, deselect the activities and click select.

You will now be able to delete the activity group from the list by clicking the Delete activity group button.