Active staff members

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Start feature

Click on Active staff members.

You will see staff that belong to

  • same organization unit as you
  • organization unit over the organization unit you belong to
  • organization unit beneath the organization unit you belong to

N.B! Started or ended work shifts are not visible from Avtive staff members.

Information about active staff members

1. In this example your colleague is logged in to the app. No task is yet started.

2. In this example one of your colleagues has finished a task at Tegnérgatan and the other has started a task at Tegnérgatan.

Active staff members show the latest activity of

  • Login
  • Start task
  • End task

So if you first log in, start task, log out and log in again, the last login will be displayed even if there is an ongoing task. Only when you finish the task will it appear until you log out.

Call active staff member

Click on the name of the staff member you want to call.

The app will proceed to call the staff member on the phone it is using, or used lastly.