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By using a smart IT-system you can spend more of your valuable time doing what you’re supposed to and spend less time administrating, handle routines manually and doing other time consuming tasks. Liberate time by using our mobile IT-system.

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An Orderly Mopping The Floor In A Hospital Ward
Household technician
With current and correct job specifications I carry out my job efficient. It’s easy for me to self-monitor my work, realise orders of consumer goods and conduct error reports on the spot. I don’t have to involve my team leader in small yet time consuming work tasks.

Kind doctor taking care of an old man in wheelchair.
Home care service
Decreased administration liberates more time for me to devote to my customers. All I need is in my mobile app. What customers I’m meeting, what I need to help them with and directions are available at all times in my mobile. It’s easy for me to document my work and I can see what co-workers are available in case I need assistance.

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Domestic Services
By using Avista Time I can start my day directly from my own home since I receive all job orders in mobile app. I don’t have to make unnecessary journeys and handle all documentation and reporting on the spot. Avista Time also makes sure I don’t have to spend time with post-billing.

Portrait of a Little Girl on white Background
With basic data on child attendance and staffing during previous years I can easily plan and administrate my resources where they are needed the most. Avista Time also simplifies communication between staff and parents.

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