The demands on delivering high quality service in your service efforts for a low price makes it important to cut overhead costs and remove unnecessary time consuming and costly work moments.

To enable delivery of high quality services you need the right work methods, knowledge, tools and the right service approach.

Avista Time offers systems and services for:

  • Scheduling
  • Work hour reports, attendance and absence reports
  • Resource and assignment planning
  • Contract, service plans and work orders
  • Documentation, error reports and deviation handling
  • Quality controls using your own method or INSTA800 and Hygiene control DS 2451-10
  • Documentation for salary administration, invoice and customer reports
  • Integration with other systems

Some industries where quality reports are being used

  • Municipalities and administrative districts
  • Hospital cleaning
  • Staircase cleaning
  • Industry and production
  • Communication intense places such as train stations, arenas and airports

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