The Clean fair

The Clean fair in Malmö November 11th to 12th

It is always fun to see the different actors in the industry get together to share opinions, knowledges and experiences. Unfortunately we can’t say that everyone takes the time to come to these meeting points. It should be a goal for the comapanies, organizations and individuals in the industry to create time to take part of these news while empowering the industry with their own knowledge.

Time is an important concept in the industry. The question is if we understand it, appreciate it and cherish it or if we keep running in the same old tracks. If we want to see an improvement in the industry we’ll have to see this improve.

The question is, are we ready? I’d love to know your opinion. E-mail me at

Apart from many exhibitors, participants and interesting meetings we also got the opportunity to celebrate all the 2015 recipients of the Clean Bright Award: Gaye Soumare, Olivia Kärrman, Servicecompagniet, Elsa Parviainen and Mats Johansson.

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