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The Clean fair

The Clean fair in Malmö November 11th to 12th

It is always fun to see the different actors in the industry get together to share opinions, knowledges and experiences. Unfortunately we can’t say that everyone takes the time to come to these meeting points. It should be a goal for the comapanies, organizations and individuals in the industry to create time to take part of these news while empowering the industry with their own knowledge.

Time is an important concept in the industry. The question is if we understand it, appreciate it and cherish it or if we keep running in the same old tracks. If we want to see an improvement in the industry we’ll have to see this improve.

The question is, are we ready? I’d love to know your opinion. E-mail me at

Apart from many exhibitors, participants and interesting meetings we also got the opportunity to celebrate all the 2015 recipients of the Clean Bright Award: Gaye Soumare, Olivia Kärrman, Servicecompagniet, Elsa Parviainen and Mats Johansson.

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Avista 5 new version 1.11

The new version of Avista 5, 1.11. Was launched november 19th

In the new version there are a number of improvements in the quality reports, scheduling and attendance management. We’ve also improved the integration with other systems.

Quality Reports
The big news in the quality reports function is the increased functionality for self-monitoring as well as enabling controls without local register in INSTA800.

When self-monitoring you can create multiple avarge values on different quality parameters as well as an avarge on the total. In the self-monitoring report the check list is shown along with a graph showing the level of qaulity per quality parameter.

For those of you who are doing INSTA quality controls manually because you don’t have a local register we’ve now solved your problem. In Avista INSTA800 you can conduct your controls without local registers. You’ll get going with your controls within an hour.

Attendance reports
Attendance reports can now be done from a joint terminal with an individual log in or with a service ID-card or by having every employee report their attendance via their mobile phone. Attendance reporting can be done with our without a schedule. If there’s a schedule and the employee doesn’t report attendance accordingly they will have to leave a comment and the team leader can be notified.

Decrease administration and management of salaries and billing by integrating with other systems. We’ve now made it easier to integrate Avista 5 with other systems.