Privacy Policy

Below is the responsibility for protecting your rights and your integrity clarified.

The document will give you an understanding of what information we collect and what we do – and don’t – with them.

Parties and Responsibilities for the processing of your personal data

Avista Time in Norden AB (hereinafter Avista Time), Industrigatan 4A, 112 46 Stockholm, is a program provider of mobile and web-based applications, hereinafter referred to as “Avista”. Avista Time is a personal information officer for processing your personal data in Avista and is then responsible for the organizational and technical security measures required for the operation and delivery of Avista. Personal Data Responsible for Data Processing in Avista is the “Customer”, which is the registered company of Avista. You who are users and have their own login credentials to Avista are referred to below as the “User”. In Avista, the “System Administrator” role is  Representative of the Avista Customer with responsibility to upload users and other system administrators, assign rights and instruct Avista Time regarding the processing of data, including personal data in Avista.

Avista Time in the Nordic Region is the person responsible for processing the personal data you share with us when:

you order Avista

You receive login information and become Avista users via your computer or mobile

You have a question and / or contact us

You visit our website and accept cookies

What personal data do we treat about you?

All users and, in many cases, customers in Avista have registered contact information, login details and online credentials with us in order to use Avista. If you have a question or contact us regarding any other matter, the amount of personal information and which may vary depending on which communication channel is being used. Categories of personal data are usually contact information, online identifier, company information and the matter itself as unstructured material, which contains the personal data you have chosen to share with us.

Why does Avista Time treat your personal information?

Avista Time collects personal information about you as a user and customer in order to provide Avista and fulfill agreed commitments, as well as provide you with the best possible experience of the services we deliver. We do this for us to identify you, manage your account, for statistical purposes and for direct marketing (which you can unsubscribe from). The personal data collected when ordering is required to handle the order, invoice and send login details to you. All users’ personal information is required to enable you to access Avista, in order to use Avista, to create a treatment history for you as a customer, to identify you and to know which users and customers use Avista. By using Avista, you agree that the app on the web and on the mobile phone provides access to the features required to deliver ordered features or processes. Visiting the public website, you consent to cookies for the processing of your information.

What do Avista Time personal data share with?

In the use of Avista or Avista, we may share personal data with subcontractors to Avista Time both within and outside the EU / EEA. A list of our suppliers / partners is at the bottom of the page. Avista Times vendors have corresponding obligations regarding the processing of personal data that you as a customer have agreed with us and are stated in the Personal Data Entry Agreement. We may need to share your personal data with other companies within the Group in order to provide Avista with our commitments to you. We may share personal information about users and customers between the companies within the Group when you have a matter for us if the information is needed to assist you. If you choose to enable an integration into your account in Avista, we will share the personal information required by that integrator to enable operation.

How long do we save your personal information?

Avista Time saves personal information about you as a customer as long as there is a customer relationship or is necessary to achieve the purposes described in this policy. Upon termination of the agreement, Avista Time will delete or anonymize your information within a reasonable period of notice, unless another Swedish or European law, court or authority says otherwise. Your data can be saved based on interest weighting if there are security or economic reasons. The length of time your personal information is stored by us varies depending on the purpose of their collection. Data in the Avista program via (after login) erases system administrator, but if there is no technical function for deletion, your system administrator needs to contact us. Personal data processed for billing of education is saved as long as it is necessary for the accounting. Information collected when you contact us is stored as long as you are a customer of ours to fulfill our commitment. Upon completion of customer relationship, we can store it based on interest weighting as evidence in case of problems. The storage is then restricted to systems and with controlled permission management.

What rights do you have?
You as a registered customer Avista Time has several rights that you should know. You are entitled to request a registry extract of any information that is registered about you, free of charge once a year, provided you have legitimate reasons. In some cases, you also have the right to data portability of your personal data. You are entitled to have your personal information corrected if they are incorrect, incomplete or misleading and may limit the processing of personal data until they are changed. You have the right to be forgotten, but deletion of personal data can not be done if it is required to fulfill the agreement or other Swedish or European law, court or government decision states otherwise, and if it is based on interest-weighting. Should you find that there are no legitimate reasons or the balance of interest is incorrect, you may object to the treatment. You also have the right to withdraw a consent, make complaints about the processing to the Data Inspectorate, automatically oppose decision making, profiling and opposing direct marketing.

If you want to know more
Do you have questions about this policy and the processing of your personal information, want to delete or edit incorrect information, please contact us through contact details available on