We believe in organizations where the resources in the company are being managed in the most efficient way possible. This is enabled through good planning, correct and clear work methods and quick follow up.

By being aware on what’s being done and what’s not being done, when it’s done and how it’s being done measures can be quickly adjusted to based on the current needs and conditions.

In other words: making sure the right person is doing the right thing at the right time.

That way you’ll avoid fires that are expensive to extinguish, time consuming extra work or missed service deliveries.

Avista Time, kontakta oss för mer information.

The Avista Time benefits

Quick and simple to get started

  • You won’t need any IT-consultants
  • Up and running within ½ – 5 days
  • Immediately beneficial to your business

User friendly

  • Easy to learn and easy to use (minimal education)
  • Dependable operations (online and offline)

Finished professional reports

  • Stay in control of status and result
  • Industry and customer specific reports
Save time and money

  • Decreased administration
  • The right information in the right time to the right person
  • Improved planning, service delivery and follow up
  • Everything regarding the daily planning in the same system
  • Monthly subscription which means you don’t have to invest a lot of money to get started
  • Possible to integrate with external systems